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All visitors and users of www.noahaquatics.com are expected to carefully read and understand these Terms and Conditions before using any part, feature or service of this website. Your use of and access to this Service (the whole website) is conditioned on your compliance with and acceptance of the following Terms.


All Terms stated here apply to every visitor and user, including all who access this Service. Simply using or accessing this Service means you agree with everything stated in these Terms and be bound by them. Disagreeing means you shouldn’t be accessing the Service.


If you choose to buy any service or product found on this website you may be asked to give some information in connection to your purchase. This includes, but not limited, to your personal and online bank information. The website owners and managers will take all necessary precautions to keep such information safe and private.

Intellectual Property Rights

Under these Terms, noahaquatics.com and its owners are the sole rightful owners of all the intellectual property rights and everything found or contained on this website. You are only allowed limited license solely for viewing the contents, materials, etc. contained on this website.


You are not allowed to do the following:

  • Copy and/or publish any part of the website, its materials and contents. Especially, you are not allowed to publish said contents in another media.
  • Sell, sublicense and/or commercialize any content on this website.
  • Use this website or its contents in any way that will damage it.
  • Use this website in ways contrary to relevant laws and regulations, or in any way harmful to the website, to any individual, group or business entity.
  • Engage in any marketing or advertising using this website.

Some parts of this website are restricted access by anyone not among the owners or part of the management staff of this website at any time. The username and password you may have to gain some access on this website should be kept confidential at all times and the user must maintain confidentiality, too.

Users’ Content

In these Terms and Conditions, “Your Content” refers to any video text, audio, images or any materials you display on this website. The act of displaying them means you grant the re-use of Your Content, even reproduce the same, adapt, translate, publish and distribute to any media.


Your Content must truly be your own and not invading or violating any third-party rights. Noah-Aquatics reserves the right to delete or remove all or any of Your Content from this website without notice at any time the owners and management may choose.

No Warranties

This website is shown “as is,” with all the errors that may have escaped editing for some reason. All website contents express no representations or warranties of any sort as far as this website and its contents are concerned. Nothing found on this website should be taken as a direct advice from the website, its owners or managers.

Liability Limitation

The website owners, managers and employees shall in no way be held liable for anything as a result of your use of this website. No matter if said liability is under contract, the website—its owners, managers, administrators and employees—shall not be responsible for any special, consequential or indirect liability as a result of any use of this website by visitors, users or buyers.


You hereby cover or indemnify to the full extent against any or from any liabilities, expenses, demands, damages, causes of action and other costs as a result of your breach of any part of these Terms and Conditions.


If these Terms and Conditions should be found invalid, lacking or wanting under any relevant law, the part of these Terms found to be defective or incomplete shall be eliminated or deleted. But this shall not affect the remaining provisions in these Terms and Conditions.

Variations of Terms

Noah-Aquatics is allowed to change these Terms as it sees fit at any time without prior notice. And as a user, you are expected to read and understand these Terms periodically.


Noah Aquatics is allowed to transfer, assign, and subcontract the rights and/or obligations it has under the Terms herein without making any notification. On the contrary, users are not allowed to transfer, assign or subcontract any of your obligations and/or rights as far as these Terms are concerned.

Entire Agreement

These Terms and Conditions comprises the whole agreement between Noah Aquatics and you, as the visitor or user of this website, or the buyer on this website. These Terms supersede all understandings and agreements that may have been previously made.

Jurisdiction and Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted according to and governed by the relevant laws of the Philippines. You as visitor, user or buyer should submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in the Philippines for resolving any disputes.


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