PRO-BOOST PROBIOTICS | Fish Growth Booster Liquid 250ml (25% High Concentration)
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PRO-BOOST PROBIOTICS | Fish Growth Booster Liquid 250ml

(25% High Concentration)


Contains 10 Billion CFU/gram of live good bacteria strains, namely:

• Lactobacillus Plantarum - enhances the immune system and makes the gut healthy

• Bacillus Subtilis - promotes growth by increasing feed digestibility and utilization while enhancing nutrient assimilation

• Bacillus Licheneformis - prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria which causes microbial diseases

• Photosynthetic Bacteria (PSB) - serves as good protein sources and also reduce nitrogenous waste

Also contains amino acids, trace minerals, B-Complex, multivitamins and several biological enzymes.

Fast growth and enhanced immunity

Healthy gut and digestive system

Optimizes feed conversion ratio

Based on Biofloc technology wherein the optimal C:N ratio for feeds utilization has been the primary focus

HIGH CONCENTRATION - This liquid has high concentration (25%)



For economical use (as pellet mix):

- Soak pellets with just enough Pro-Boost probiotics liquid and let dry

- Feed as normal pellets

TIP: You may also mix the pellets with our Probiotics Powder or Astaxanthin Powder for even better effect!

For maximum effect (as liquid mix):

- Pour 10ml of Pro-Boost probiotics liquid every after water change (up to 35 Gallon tanks)

- As observed, you can even minimize the frequency of water change as the beneficial bacteria present in the liquid will convert ammonia from left over food and waste into proteins which can be recycled and used by fishes as food.



- The bottle may expand or bulge a little upon receiving the product due to the release of gas. This is normal as the colony of beneficial bacteria are continuously growing in numbers even during transportation.

- Do not expose to direct sunlight or extreme temperature

- Do not use as ingredient for steamed egg. Probiotics contains beneficial bacteria. Cooking them will kill the bacteria during the process

- Keep out of reach of children

Shelf life: 60 days after opening


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